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Shamrock Property Management: Husband and Wife Team Bring Executive Services To Hartford

Husband and Wife Team Brings Executive-Level Property Management Services to Hartford


When Tony and LaVonne Randall discussed starting a property management business in Hartford, they knew exactly how they would approach it, manage their team, and deliver great customer service.


Since 1994, LaVonne has owned and operated a successful Mary Kay consulting business, where she not only consults with people on how to best take care of their skin and sells high-end skincare and cosmetics to professionals at reasonable prices, but also coaches people on building successful businesses. Combine that experience with her degree in marketing and business administration and Tony’s degree in agronomy, and you’ve got yourself a great team.


Tony grew up on a farm, and he always had a desire to start a business centered on landscaping and grass fertility. When the couple saw a need for those services in Hartford, they knew it was time. 


In 2017, they launched their business as an LLC, and they’ve been serving Hartford and the surrounding areas ever since.


When it came to naming their business, the couple knew they wanted to come up with something creative. They landed on Shamrock Property Management


“We didn’t want to just do your basic ‘LaVonne and Tony’s Lawn Care’ or something like that,” said LaVonne. “I knew we needed to have something professional, and recognizable so we could stand out and be unique. We also knew we wanted to expand into property management and make this a full-service opportunity for people. We live on Shamrock Drive, so we agreed this would be a great connection for people!”  

And in case you were wondering, neither of the Randalls are Irish. 

“We get that question a lot,” said LaVonne.


Executive-Level Service for the Sioux Falls Metro Area


Shamrock Property Management serves both residential and commercial clients, and they offer a variety of services, including aeration, fertility, weed control, landscape cleanup, dethatching, garden tilling, sprinkler startups and repairs, snow removal, and of course, lawn mowing. 

But what sets them apart from other property management companies is their attention to detail and commitment to excellence.


“When we service our properties, we believe it should be an executive service,” LaVonne said. “We offer complimentary trimming and edging, and if we see anything of concern in regards to their lawn, we offer free advice and consultations. We also clean up before we leave, meaning we blow all hard surfaces clean of debris left behind. When people call us, they’re communicating with us personally, not just a crew member.” 


“Part of our logo reads, ‘Excellence, Dependability and Expertise’. We believe that everyone deserves this quality of service and we do everything we can to over deliver on this,” she added.


Shamrock also offers on-call services. Rather than booking for an entire season, clients can call for snow removal or mowing services while they’re on vacation or if they are temporarily injured or unavailable. 

Additionally, Shamrock’s team puts a strong emphasis on integrity. If a client truly doesn’t need a service, they’re not going to push it or do it anyway, says LaVonne. 


“If you book us seasonally for mowing, we typically mow every week,” she said. “However, if you’re not irrigating your lawn or if it doesn’t rain, it may not need that weekly mowing. We’re not going to come and charge you if it’s not necessary.”


Serving the Community Together


Tony and LaVonne have been married for almost six years, and according to LaVonne, they’ve always been a hardworking team. 


In fact, their first date was actually a home improvement project.


“Our first official date was me helping him paint his kitchen,” she said. “It might not sound very romantic, but we discovered just how well we work together, and now this is such a good fit for us. We’re both hard workers and we’re very particular about the work that we do. We complement each other very well.”


The couple also loves being part of the Hartford community. 

“We’re so blessed to be in a community that believes in supporting each other,” she said. “We truly don’t take their business for granted, and we love being able to serve them. We do believe it’s serving, not just working, and that’s why we call them our clients, not customers because our hope is that these will be long-term relationships.” 

The best way to reach Shamrock Property Management for a free consultation or to book services is by phone at (605) 366-7498 or (605)-799-7727 or via Facebook. You can also email them at

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