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Prairie Rehab takes “Patient-First” approach to physical therapy

Prairie Rehab takes “Patient-First” approach to physical therapy
With a track record of providing excellent, individualized care for every patient that walks through its doors, Prairie Rehabilitation is a well-respected rehab and wellness provider with locations throughout South Dakota and Minnesota.
The company was originally founded in 1990, but it combined with another occupational therapy clinic in 1995 to create what we know today as Prairie Rehab. In 2006, the company opened its Hartford location.
Jeff Steinberger, one of the company’s founders, says that as an independent provider, Prairie Rehab has the ability to focus solely on therapy and be more agile when it comes to improvements or specializations.
“It has to pass the mom test,” Steinberger said. “This is therapy I’d be proud to have my mom receive.”
Because they’re a smaller provider and hold the Medicare designation of an outpatient rehab facility, Prairie Rehab is held to a higher standard than many other therapy providers. Steinberger emphasizes, however, that their commitment to quality care is tied to the company’s mission and values rather than regulations. The goal, he says, is always to exceed national standards for patient satisfaction.
“For someone who’s been injured at work, we’ll get a job description and we’ll get their perspective and their supervisor’s perspective, and then we try to tailor functional things so that we know they’re ready to return to work,” Steinberger said. “This allows us to let their company, the physician, and the patient know they will be safe in going back to work. Our OT staff can also do work assessments, if necessary.”

What services does Prairie Rehab offer in Hartford?
Prairie Rehab’s Hartford location is fully staffed with a physical therapist, a physical therapist assistant, an occupational therapist that splits time between two locations, and a speech language pathologist who is available as needed.

“We’re trying to raise awareness that you don’t have to come to Sioux Falls to get the full range of services,” Steinberger said. “Brett Teveldal, PT and Gidget McAreavey, OTR have a lot of specialty areas and expertise, and if we have a patient with a different specific need, we probably have someone who can help them.”

In addition to services offered in the clinic, Prairie Rehab is able to provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, senior care centers, home healthcare agencies, and private homes.

Prairie Rehab is continually building on its services and providing continued education for its staff. Whether it’s bringing in speakers, training for new specialties or methods, or working with students and interns to gain a fresh perspective, the team at Prairie Rehab is committed to providing the best possible service for their patients.

While cost is often a concern when it comes to healthcare services, Steinberger says physical or occupational therapy can often solve problems before they escalate, ultimately saving the patient time and money.

“We offer a free assessment where we’ll ask a few questions, get an idea of what’s going on, and indicate whether therapy might help or not,” Steinberger said. “If therapy is appropriate, we spend time with the patient to complete a thorough OT or PT evaluation.”
With this evaluation, Prairie Rehab is pushing to decrease healthcare costs where possible. If physical or occupational therapy can be the first stop for pain alleviation, healthcare costs can be reduced in the long run.
Every person’s situation is different, which is why Prairie Rehab emphasizes the importance of one-on-one patient relationships and treatment plans. Timelines for treatment and improvement are entirely dependent on the injury, but Steinberger says people who are open to physical therapy tend to show more improvement than those who think surgery is the only option.

Who is Prairie Rehab for?

Prairie Rehab serves patients of all ages, whether they’re 2 years old or 102, but Steinberger says people often have misconceptions about where they can turn for therapy.

“You don’t have to have a doctor’s order for physical therapy, you can just call and schedule an evaluation if you’re having issues,” he said.

“Patients often feel they need to go where their doctor sends them, but they have freedom of choice,” added Gina Glasoe, a speech language pathologist and Prairie Rehab’s business development manager. “A doctor might give them a prescription or referral for physical therapy, but they don’t realize they have a choice.”

Additionally, Steinberger and Glasoe emphasize the power of turning to physical therapy first before jumping to conclusions about the necessity of surgery or operation.

The team at Prairie Rehab is eager to serve the people of Hartford and the surrounding area. Between working in Hartford full-time or living there as several staff members do, the team of Teveldal, McAreavey and Dottie Longhenry has built a strong community.
“They get invited to graduations, funerals, and weddings because it’s their community to focus on,” Steinberger said.

“We really want to show appreciation for the community of Hartford,” Glasoe said. “They’ve been so good to us. We’re kind of a word-of-mouth company, and that's really helped us be able to grow and reach others with quality service.”
Visit Prairie Rehab’s website or call them at (605) 528-1900 to schedule your free assessment today.

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