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Meet Your Hometown Real Estate Agent - Michelle Thompson with Hegg Realtors

Meet Michelle Thompson with Hegg Realtors: Your hometown real estate agent 


Hartford is growing, and Realtors are aware of that fact perhaps more than anyone else.


When Michelle Thompson moved to Hartford thirty years ago, the community was right on the cusp of this booming growth. At the time, Michelle was running a small business in the community, which she operated for 18 years before making the switch to real estate in 2005. 


“I’ve always enjoyed the real estate market, my dad was a contractor, so I grew up learning a lot about remodels and what makes a structurally sound building,” Michelle said. “Every home I've owned and lived in I've remodeled, and I have a strong vision of a home's true potential.”


Throughout her 15-year career in real estate, Michelle has learned that not everyone shares the ability to see the possibilities in a property, and it’s a skill she prides herself on. She enjoys the opportunity to help people take advantage of that vision, whether they’re buying or selling. 


“When I look at a house for the first time with sellers, I know what needs to be done to sell that home for the most money,” she said. “It might be simple decorating ideas, painting or a bit more, but I work with sellers to help them make those decisions so we will get their house sold.


When working with buyers, I have an experienced eye that gives my clients insight in determining potential issues, as well as home renovations—big or small—that make a big difference in the way a home looks. I’ve learned that not everyone has an eye to see what a home could be, and I’m happy to guide them through that process.”


Buying and selling in Hartford 


Thompson helps residential and commercial clients on both the buying and selling sides. First and foremost, she appreciates working with the community in Hartford, as well as the new residents and businesses who are looking to join it. 


In the last 15 years, Hartford has experienced tremendous growth and shows no signs of slowing down, resulting in increased home values.


According to Michelle, what really makes Hartford a great place to live is the community involvement. People are excited about the amenities Hartford has to offer, and that’s reflected in the growth of the community.


“You don’t need to run to Sioux Falls for anything anymore.” she said. 


These are all elements that Michelle likes to share when she’s showing homes to newcomers. She not only shows them homes, but she takes the time to explain all that Harford has to offer.


Getting started with a Realtor 


If you’ve never worked with a Realtor before, it may seem overwhelming. Buying a home is a major investment, and it’s important to have a professional walk beside. Michelle is eager to help home buyers and sellers navigate the process.


“It is important to find a Realtor you feel comfortable with and is knowledgeable about the area,” she said. “Regardless of if you are a buyer or seller, I will personally work with you from the first step to the last. This includes determining price, negotiating, going through inspections, explaining the legal documents all the way to the end.”


She emphasizes, “Because I am with my clients during the entire process, I really get to know my clients, it is such a joy.  Through the years I have watched families grow and when it’s time for their kids to buy their first home they call me! It’s very heartwarming!”


During this time of social distancing regarding COVID-19, Realtors have had to adapt. Michelle has implemented no-touch showings, whether it’s in person at the home where every precaution is made for everyone’s safety, to showings and inspections via FaceTime or Google Duo.


“People are still listing their homes which are selling quickly, the market remains strong,” she stated. If you are considering selling or buying or just have questions, talk to Michelle and decide if now is the right time for you. She is ready to help when you are ready to make the move.


Michelle Thompson would be delighted to answer any questions or personally meet with you.  Contact her by calling or texting (605) 310-9415. View all the current listings here

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