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Local Restaurants Battle for 'Best Burger' Title

Local restaurants battle for ‘Best Burger’ title
For the second year in a row, five Hartford area restaurants are going head to head for the coveted title of Best Burger.
Sponsored by the Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce, the idea for the Burger Battle Challenge came about last year in an effort to promote business and community growth.
“As we were working on our Discover Hartford campaign, we were looking for a fun way to get folks out and eating at all of our local restaurants,” said Stacy Wengler, a member of the Chamber’s marketing committee. “Some of us had enjoyed the Downtown Sioux Falls Burger Battle, and we thought that would be a great way to add a little friendly competition to our promotion.”
While there can only be one winner, the competition is all in good fun, and participating businesses are focused on strengthening their relationships within the community.
Local restaurants have taken great care to develop unique burger recipes for the competition.
“Diners were expecting more creative burgers and options from the restaurants this year, and those businesses definitely delivered,” said Wengler.
Stomping Grounds, for instance, went down the breakfast route with their MEGASTOMPER, a burger featuring an egg, sausage patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon, and even maple syrup, all atop a bagel.
In Humboldt, Big J’s Roadhouse created their take on a Western Burger, topping a hand-pattied burger with bacon, pulled pork, an onion ring, cheddar cheese, and barbecue sauce.
“The businesses have stepped up this year in anticipation of winning our amazing traveling trophy and bragging rights,” said Wengler. “We have all of your meals covered in this year’s Hartford Area Burger Battle Challenge, including a ‘breakfast burger’ and several delicious lunch and dinner options in both Hartford and Humboldt.”
Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s sure to be a Burger Battle competitor to satisfy your craving. View a full list of participating businesses as well as descriptions of their burgers here.
And if you haven’t tried them all yet, don’t worry! The battle continues through January 31, so you still have two weeks to participate.
To take part, simply visit the participating restaurants and order their special burger. You’ll be provided with a score card which will allow you to judge the burger on four categories: originality, presentation, service, and original taste.
Besides the joy of eating all of these tasty creations, diners who post their burgers on social media will be entered to win a weekly drawing for $25 in Hartford Bucks. Tune in on the Chamber’s Facebook page every Wednesday to find out who won.
At the end of the month, the burger with the highest average score wins claim to the “Best Burger in the Hartford Area.” Last year’s champion was the Hartford Steak Co. Tavern—will they reign supreme again, or will their trophy be stolen?

All-American GOAT Burger - The GOAT Bar & Grill

Pictured Above: The All-American GOAT Burger - The GOAT Bar & Grill

Courtney Burger - Main Street Humboldt Bar

Pictured Above: Courtney Burger - Main Street Humboldt Bar

Frito Pie Burger - Hartford Steak Co. Tavern

Pictured Above: Frito Pie Burger - Hartford Steak Co. Tavern

MEGASTOMPER - Stomping Grounds

Pictured Above: MEGASTOMPER - Stomping Grounds

Western Burger - Big J's Roadhouse

Pictured Above: Western Burger - Big J's Roadhouse


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