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Kore Cares brings experience and compassion to in-home care industry

Kore Cares brings experience and compassion to in-home care industry


Kore Cares is a local, private duty home care company dedicated to providing stress-free care for their clients. Owner, Gabrielle Hoing, is a longtime Hartford resident and the 2020 Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce president.


Hoing’s background in the healthcare industry began early on, when she worked as a CNA in a nursing home prior to college. She went on to earn a degree in health services administration and, for awhile, thought she would go into long-term care or nursing home administration.


Eventually, however, she had the opportunity to work for the Good Samaritan Society where she was integral in designing the business model for their home care services, traveling around the country to set up agencies.


After 6 years with Good Samaritan, Hoing decided to take a break from home care and travel to start a family with her husband, John. While working in marketing and sales at Avera, Hoing felt a strong calling back to home care. She founded her home care agency in 2016, and what started as a team of two has grown to a team of 45.


The agency is dedicated to providing a quality experience for both its employees and its clients. Kore Cares operates with this mission in mind: “to empower individuals to use their God given gifts and talents to serve those in need; guided by Christ's example.”


Hoing says the name was inspired by the Hebrew phrase, ‘Ma Kore,’ which has several translations, including “How are you?” and “family.”


“We really want to get to know our clients, and because we provide such intimate care, they really become like family to us,” Hoing said.


What services can Kore Cares offer for you?


Kore Cares serves anyone 18 years or older in Sioux Falls and the surrounding 30-mile radius.


The agency provides four main services for its clients: caregiving, nursing, emergency response systems, and care management.


Caregiving encompasses a variety of daily living activities including personal care, showering, transferring, housekeeping, cooking, laundry, and transportation which could be anything from short-term assistance to regular scheduled visits. Kore Cares also offers 24-hour care for more dependent clients. Additionally, caregivers provide companionship for their clients to improve emotional wellbeing. Nursing services include medication setup, wound care, and health assessments.


For emergency response, Kore Cares utilizes a third-party system, Electronic Caregiver, which allows clients to press a button to alert emergency contacts or emergency responders. Fall detection pendants are also available. Kore Cares will assist clients in installation or troubleshooting any issues.


Care management involves coordination of care, helping clients identify the level of care they need and assistance with finding an independent or assisted living placement.


Hoing says people are often surprised to hear that about 40 percent of their clientele are under 65 years old. Kore Cares can be a beneficial service for anyone who needs extra assistance, whether that’s due to a disability, illness, recent surgery, or the aging process.


“I think a lot of people hate to call for help, so it’s about getting over that stigma,” she said. “Particularly for the aging population, they think, ‘If I ask for help, they’ll send me to the nursing home,’ but it’s actually the opposite. We help people stay in their homes.”


If you or a loved one could benefit from home care services, you can request a free, in-home consultation to assess your needs and see how Kore Cares might be able to help. Email or call 605-275-2344 for more information.


Looking for a rewarding new career?


Like many local businesses, Kore Cares considers workforce to be one of its primary challenges. Hoing says the agency is always hiring due to the continually increasing need for their services.


Potential employees must be at least 18 years old, but there are no specific training requirements. The agency is equipped with online learning courses as well as an educational room in the office, where new employees can receive hands-on training


“If you have a heart for caring, you’re a compassionate person, and you have a desire to do this, we can definitely train you,” Hoing said.


According to Hoing, Kore Cares offers high job satisfaction for its caregivers.


“It’s rewarding work,” she said. “You get to know people, hear their stories, and build relationships with them. Everyone has been on such a unique journey.”


Additionally, the agency was recently awarded the titles of 2020 Home Care Pulse Employer of Choice, Provider of Choice, and Home Care Leader in Excellence. These awards are the result of monthly surveys of caregivers and clients that benchmark the agency against others both locally and nationwide.


“Winning these awards puts us in the top 15 percent of home care agencies in the country, so we’re really proud of our team for providing excellent care and our office for supporting those caregivers as well,” Hoing said.


Visit Kore Cares’ website to learn more about employment opportunities.


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