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Jamie Zomer Starts Take the Trip to Make Travel Easy

Take The Trip - Jamie Zomer
The dream of travel is glamorous, yet the end result is not always so.
Months of anticipation and excitement precede this once-in-a-lifetime experience, only to be muffled by transportation delays, disappointing accommodations, or unsatisfied expectations.
If this occurrence is familiar, you are not alone. Travel is a luxury desired by most, yet common excuses and poor experiences tend to bleed into the idea’s execution before it takes flight.
Jamie Zomer understands this frustration that travelers so often deal with. It is one of the main influences that led her to start Take The Trip — a personal travel agency located here in Hartford, South Dakota.
While the internet has certainly changed the industry Zomer now finds herself in, it remains clear that the luxury — and often, necessity — of a personal travel agent is here for the long haul.

As a traveler herself, Zomer fell in love early with the minutiae of planning a trip: organizing dates, searching flight and accommodation packages, and scheduling each day’s itinerary.
It’s been in her blood since before trip planning became her responsibility among friends and family. Growing up, those closest to Zomer knew her as the detail mastermind. It’s only sensible that her nature would lead her into a business concentrated on the details.
Launched in March of 2018, Take The Trip is fairly young. However, operating under the direction of a large agency, Montrose Travel, Zomer’s business enjoys the deals and partnerships available to only a select few. This is vital for cost-conscious travelers looking to find great deals on flights and accommodations by grouping them together. 
With the invention of Online Travel Agencies, some consumers feel a personal travel agent is unnecessary. While great deals can be found through these sites, travelers will still struggle to find some of the packages available through Take The Trip, who has earned “diamond” preferred status with many of their travel partnerships.
Of course, these benefits are all without recognition of perhaps the ultimate benefit that comes with hiring Take The Trip: an expertly-crafted, personal itinerary with a go-to resource for all travel inquiries.
It is quite common for travelers to be overconfident when it comes to planning a trip. The anticipation of the event leads them to believe their idealistic vacation is only a couple of clicks away.
In reality, proper planning takes much more work than a few clicks, as Zomer understands. Some travelers are certain of their destination and accommodations. Even so, a smooth trip still requires careful preparation that inexperienced travelers may miss.

As a relatively new player in the travel agency game, Zomer is enjoying the learning process.
But there’s no question about it — Zomer is a natural in the space.
“I love hearing the stories of the trip afterwards,” Zomer expresses. “I always follow up, not only to hear how the travel itself went, but to hear what the kids enjoyed, what the couple did, and the like.”
From the exhaustive research done for each client, to the personal touches of little gift packages before each trip, customers are finding extreme satisfaction in working with Take The Trip.
And unlike some of the frustrated, independent travelers, Zomer’s customers come back ready to take another trip.

If you are looking to plan a trip, make sure to consult Take The Trip at (605) 940-1158. While flights and hotels can be booked effortlessly, their true specialty lies in reserving tailored tours and packages that fit your specific needs.
The amount of time, stress, and money that can be saved makes the decision easy — no matter the degree of complexity.

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