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Health & Wellness: Helping the Hartford Community Live Well

Health and Wellness: Helping the Hartford community live well 


While it may not be top of mind when it comes to economic development, taking time to promote and support physical health is critical to a community’s success.


If we haven’t first taken care of our bodies, how can we hope to successfully run our businesses and engage with the community? Without quality health and wellness resources, communities are unable to thrive.


We all know that caring for our family’s health is important, whether that’s getting your vision checked, going in for a regular teeth cleaning, or rehabilitating after an accident. If these important services aren’t available locally, residents are forced to travel. 


Thankfully, Hartford is home to a variety of businesses that make caring for our needs convenient. 


Local practices offer a full array of health services 


From dentistry to vision care, as well as rehabilitation and chiropractic services, Hartford is proud to have multiple clinics and offices available locally.


Dr. Scott M. Mattheis has operated Hartford Dental Clinic since 1993, and together with Dr. Kimberly J. Yingst and the rest of his staff, he offers dental services for the entire family.


Hartford Dental offers everything from continued care and education to treatment of gum diseases, root canals, extractions, dentures, cosmetic dentistry, and more. The clinic reserves time every day for emergency services, but they emphasize the importance of preventive care to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.


Sanford Health Hartford has been part of the community since 1998, and its team of doctors and nurses enjoys the opportunity to get to know patients personally. 


“There are days where I’m doing physicals or well-child exams on three generations in the same family, so there’s that small town feel where you really get to know your patients well,” said Troy Van Overbeke, PA-C.


At the same time, the Hartford clinic enjoys all the advantages of a larger city, with the main Sanford campus just a few miles away. If something comes up that the team in Hartford can’t take care of locally, they’re able to send patients to Sioux Falls, typically same-day.


Jones Family Eyecare offers vision services to patients of all ages, from fitting people for glasses or contact lenses to providing medical services to those with diabetes, cataracts, or macular degeneration. Jones’ two optometrists manage a variety of conditions, and they can see patients as young as six months. 


“Hartford has been great to us over the last three years we’ve been here,” said Dr. David Jones. 


Prairie Rehabilitation Services is a chain of clinics throughout South Dakota and Minnesota that is dedicated to treating patients’ unique needs when it comes to therapy. At the Hartford location, Prairie Rehab’s team of experts offers physical, speech, occupational, and hand therapy, and they will work with patients to determine an individualized care plan. 


The team at Prairie Rehab is committed to excellence in rehabilitation and wellness, and they educate patients throughout the treatment plan and progression to ensure an understanding of recovery goals. 


If you’re experiencing pain, you can schedule a free assessment with a Prairie Rehab therapist to receive recommendations for further care, if necessary. 


ChiroSport Hartford provides a variety of treatment options for those with active lifestyles. Their services include chiropractic, massage, rehabilitation, acupuncture, and nutrition. 


The business was built around the unique idea of combining the principles of chiropractic care with other services to create a more effective treatment solution. Research has shown that combining treatments is a more efficient approach than focusing on just one, and ChiroSport Hartford is committed to providing those options for Hartford’s active community. 


Providing care beyond the clinic


Depending on the situation, some patients benefit greatly from receiving health and wellness care at home rather than in a clinic setting. Local services like Kore Cares and Thrive After Birth provide options for patients who would benefit from a different approach.


Kore Cares provides in-home care for anyone 18 years or older who may need extra assistance due to an injury, illness, disability, or aging in order to remain independent in their home. Services include housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, assistance with personal care, transportation, and nursing services, all of which are necessary to be able to remain safe and independent in the home.


Thrive After Birth is a postpartum doula service operated by Shannon Ward, CPD. In contrast with a birth doula who assists throughout pregnancy and birth, a postpartum doula comes into the home to assist with a variety of tasks after birth. This typically occurs during the first six weeks after birth, but Ward says she’ll take on clients at any stage post-birth.


“I go out of the box and say you’re postpartum for life because that relationship with your baby is constantly developing,” Ward said.


A common misconception is that postpartum doula services are strictly for the mother, but Ward says she’s there to support the entire family, from the partner to other children, and even pets.


“I do exactly what the family wants and what they’re looking for, whether that’s taking care of light household tasks to give them time to focus on their baby, making sure needs are being met, or modeling newborn care behavior,” Ward said. 


These in-home services provide a unique and beneficial complement to Hartford’s other health and wellness offerings.


“Hartford really has everything you need as far as healthcare goes, whether it’s a clinic, eye doctor, dentist, chiropractors, therapy services, pharmacy or in-home care,” said Gabrielle Hoing, co-founder of Kore Kares. “It’s great to see us all working together for the wellbeing of the community.”


Keeping the community healthy and active


Fitness is important to many people in the community, and Hartford is lucky enough to have two high-quality, local workout facilities: Central Valley GreatLIFE and Lemke’s Fitness & Training Co.


Regardless of your fitness needs, one of these facilities is sure to have the equipment and resources you’re seeking for an active, healthy lifestyle. 


Central Valley GreatLIFE offers both a golf course and fitness center, and it’s a popular spot for Hartford residents to work out. With 24-hour access and state-of-the-art equipment, members can enjoy the convenience of stopping by for a workout at any time. 


If you’re looking for something more specific out of your workout, Lemke’s Fitness & Training Co. offers a variety of services from personal training, small group training, and group fitness classes like yoga, zumba, and bootcamp. Memberships to Lemke’s also offer 24-hour access so you can get a workout in at any time of day. 




If your business falls within the health and wellness sector, and you’re not yet a member of the Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce, we’d love to have you. Learn more about membership benefits, or submit your application


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